Questions Concerning Your Billing?


Charges to your credit card:   

Monthly charges:  
Your credit card is debited once per month on an auto-debit by our Finance Department.   If you choose to have the day of your charge changed, just contact our Finance Director by clicking the button below.   An email will be sent with your questions and he will promptly address your concern.   Please put your request or questions in writing as this acts as a record for both you and Viva for future assistance.  

Additional Charges to your Credit Card:
If you have additional charges to your credit card that were unexpected click the link below and email your request or question to the Viva Finance Department.   Depending on how your account was set up, you may have two separate credit card debits in a given month.  One charge is for your monthly Viva program and a second credit card debit may appear for the cost of your postage charges for database mailers and/or neighborhood mailers.