Care to Share
Ask Your Patients to Refer their Family & Friends

Your Logo, Your Colors, Your Brand


Care to Share referral gifts for patients come with an iconically known individual known for their inspirational statements.
The result is a positioning of the doctor as an inspirational leader to his community and local neighborhoods.



Care To Share Referral & Loyalty Mailers
to Your Patient’s Home

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The New Patient Referral Mailer

The Referral Mailer is designed with an insert that contains a personal message from the office.
This is a patient referral and reactivation to get referrals from existing patients and
to keep your patients coming back!



Every Viva Referral Card is encoded to your office.  When a patient redeems the card, it is swiped on
a card reader supplied as part of every program, capturing the name of the referral and the new patient!


How Does the Viva System Work?

This Viva System is made up of 3 simple components:


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Internal Referrals

The VivaPak:  This is an Internal Patient Referral campaign that uses a beautiful gift card, containing an introductory offer! Existing patients are handed the gift box & card to give to family members and friends! 

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Viva Database Mailers

The Viva Mailers: This part of the campaign sends mailers to your database for patient reactivation, retention & patient loyalty.


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Neighborhood Mailers

The Neighborhood Mailers:  This part of the campaign sends brochure mailers to surrounding neighborhood homes to brand your office, your name and location!


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