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Viva Workshop: Community Ownership!

Seminar Topic

The Secret to Interactive Marketing

Ownership of Your Community:  Business to Business

Don't miss this workshop.  You live in a community surrounded by business....businesses who know the local people.... learn what to do to LEVERAGE local businesses to be your "partner" in making your practice "THE COMMUNITY DENTAL OFFICE."

This workshop is advanced information on how the largest dental practices "capture an entire community!"    

         Location: 1025 N. Brand Blvd
                Glendale, CA  91202

         Registration:         8:30am
         Starts:                   9:00am
         Break:                   10:30am
                  Lunch:                   12:00-1:30pm
         Starts:                   1:30pm
         Break:                   3:30pm
         Starts:                   3:30pm
          Ends:                     5:30pm