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Viva Concepts Headquarters

700 N. Central Ave, Glendale, CA  91203

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Viva's Printing Facility

  Viva's print facility produces all printed materials, foiling and embossing and plastic card production.  
Once materials are produced, they are shipped to Viva's 2nd facility, the Viva Fulfillment Center.

The Heidelberg Printing Press

The printing press is where all Viva materials are printed:  Vivapaks (referral gift boxes), presentation cards and custom designed brochures.

The Hewlett Packard (HP Indigo) Press

This is the press that prints custom clear plastic cards!  Yes!  They are printed "on-demand" for each order.  
Once the custom card is printed, the printed sheets, which have 21 cards/sheet,
are then laminated and die-cut, which you can see in the next image below!

D_K small.png

The Lamination & Die-Cutting Production Line

This is where clear plastic cards (printed on the HP Indigo above) are first laminated and then die-cut.  
As you can see in the image above, the printed sheets are "sandwiched and heat-treated" between 2 pieces of laminate.  
The die-cutter stamps our cards into single cards from the large "roll of cards."  
Once the lamination and die-cutting is complete, the clear cards are then "encoded" on the magnetic strip (the same strip a credit card has).  
This strip allows the client to track when the card when it is redeemed by the customer (giving a picture of ROI to the client).

The Magnetic Stripe Placed onto Plastic

As just part of the production line to bring COSTS DOWN, Viva places the magnetic stripe onto plastic rolls prior to lamination.  
Doing this procedure "in-house" greatly reduces the cost of purchasing laminate that is already manufactured with the magnetic strip already in plastic...
thereby passing the savings onto YOU, the customer. 

The Magnetic Stripe Encoder

This machine places magnetic stripe material (the material that can be "encoded" on the back of any credit card) onto the back of the clear plastic cards.
The stripe is used for "encoding" the name of the clients office and redeemed cards (by consumers) are swiped-in using a magnetic card reader.  

The Foiling Production Line

This is the "Foiling Production Line" which shows how the materials are foiled and embossed.  Most every Viva item has 2 to 4 passes of foil, emboss and/or die-cutting.  
As can be seen by the above and below images, there are multiple "Foiling machines" that foil 10s of thousands of impressions per hour.  
The "Multiple" and "Redundant" foiling machines were put in place, again, as a "architected" method to bring DOWN COSTS to you,
the consumer.  The multiplicity of machinery increases efficiency by nearly 75%. 

Additional "Foiling Production Line" Machinery:  Bringing Down the Cost to Our Consumers!

These machines are "digital" high volume foiling machines.  As described in the earlier "Foiling Production Line" image above, 
these machines were added for lightning-fast & efficient foiling and embossing on Viva's hallmark presentation cards
(used primarily for mailing to databases of businesses for loyalty and retention).

The Viva "Gift Box" Production Line

This image shows the Vivapak or "Viva Gift Box" production line.  This machine was hand-made in coordination
with B&R Moll Equipment Manufacturer.  Our technical Operations Director spec'd and built this machine to conform
for production of 4,000 Vivapaks/hr.  Priorly, these gift boxes were hand-made at cost-prohibitive prices.  
Machining the production of the Vivapak reduced CONSUMER COST by over 500%.

Enveloping Production Line

This image shows but one of the enveloping machines that produced millions of database and direct mail pieces every year.  
The envelope production line can fulfill any type of enveloped mailer at over 20,000/hour.  
This production line, again, was put in place to bring elevated hourly production rates to bring COST DOWN for the consumer. 

US Postal Ink Jet Fulfillment Production Line

This machine is a USPS (United States Postal Service) Ink Jet Machine that "ink jets" the return address,
address of recipient and indicia for database mailers and neighborhood mailers.  
With a single operator it "ink jets" the information on any type of envelope at 15,000 per hour. 

Viva Concepts Fulfillment Center

Monrovia, CA

Viva's Gold Ink Awards

Viva's award winning "Gold Ink" and "Visionary Awards" in packaging, direct mail and manufacturing
show a constant commitment to quality and ingenuity!