to Jan 14

1st Quarter Viva Training Symposium: 2017

Case Acceptance:
Keys to Increasing

Presentation and workshop for Doctor, Finance Coordinator, Office Manager.  Key topics:

a) Patient Education System...a proven model to raise treatment acceptance.

b) Finance Coordinator tools...patient lending and planning, laws of gradient scale of treatment acceptance and a follow up system to gain compliance to full case acceptance.

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to Aug 27

3rd Quarter Viva Training Symposium

Branding Symposium

This training event focuses on the subject of branding and it's vital role in positioning your office as "The Dentist in the Community."    Branding, in addition to image, simplicity of message, also encompasses community events and relationships to create a community and business "mindset" about your practice.

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to Jun 11

2nd Quarter Viva Training Symposium

External Marketing

"Winning Over the Community"

This symposium features long term practice growth and how external marketing, through events, businesses, community activities, schools and clubs...is the most powerful tool to become known as "THE COMMUNITY DENTIST."   The topics and workshops are specific programs to implement in your geographic area to capture ownership of your community.

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